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Taking the wheel of a used Hyundai is a fantastic way to get more fun out of your drives while enjoying sleek technology and showing off beautiful style. When you choose Hall Hyundai Newport News, you’ll get a better kind of car-shopping experience thanks to our helpful team of authorized Hyundai dealers.

Plus, you can expect exceptional quality from your ride due to the hard work of our team in our Hyundai service center. Here’s what goes into reconditioning a used Hyundai.

Initial Inspection 

Before we begin any work on a used Hyundai acquired by our dealership, an authorized Hyundai service technician will carefully inspect the vehicle, starting with a thorough walk-around inspection of the exterior. Then, the technician takes a close look at each aspect of the car’s interior to look for any defects.

The inspection also includes a look under the hood and undercarriage of the car to check for loose belts, fluid leaks, or any other potential issues with the car’s mechanics.

Test Drive 

After completing a thorough inspection of the car’s most important driving and aesthetic elements, the technician takes the car out on the road to look for any potential issues with how the car drives, making careful note of its responsiveness and how it feels over bumps.

Exterior Improvements 

After test driving the car, the vehicle has any exterior defects addressed, such as dents, scratches, or loose bumpers. The interior of the car also has any tears or scratches repaired. Then, the car gets a 360-degree detailing inside and out to ensure it looks as close to new as possible.

Mechanical Fixes 

If the vehicle needs any hoses or belts replaced or any leaks sealed up, the technician will carefully restore the car so it’s ready to pass a 101-point inspection. After this, the car gets ready to make it’s way to the lot.

Check out our pristinely reconditioned used Hyundai cars at our Hyundai dealership near Hampton today!

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