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While our Hyundai cars are pretty durable, it’s important to remember that they are not indestructible. This means that if your vehicle is involved in even a minor fender-bender – or perhaps you just misjudged the depth of your garage and banged into the wall – it’s possible something has gotten out of whack. But when is it time to go to our Hyundai body shop?

Weird Noises

While cars certainly make a lot of noise, there’s normal noise and then there’s not-so-normal noise. If you’re hearing things in your Hyundai Elantra like scraping or clunking, this is a clear indication that something has been damaged.


After any sort of collision, it’s a good idea to see if anything is leaking. A big puddle of water or oil is obviously a bad sign, but sometimes leaks are more subtle. This is why you need to keep a careful watch of the area under your car. If anything is dripping, get your vehicle looked at.

Bad Battery

If it takes a little while to start your car, this could be related to the battery. And while it may just be old, there’s also a chance that the accident hurt it or perhaps its connections. Another sign that you have a bad battery is if you have difficulty using the electrical components or if you notice a smell like rotten eggs.

Check Engine Light

In many cases, your vehicle will let you know something is wrong before you know it yourself. This is why if that little check engine light comes on – even if your collision was a while ago – you need to visit a body shop.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or others, make an appointment with our Hyundai body shop near Hampton. Our Hyundai service technicians will figure out what’s wrong and give you an expert repair or replacement.

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